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Sep 2019
U.S. equities continue to be overweight over the rest of the world. The global economy remains in late cycle.
Aug 2019
US economic data in August was relatively solid. In Europe, investors increasingly focused on disappointing euro area growth data.
Jun 2019
Recession risk remains low; Companies have adopted a more prudent behavior. The global economy remains in late cycle.
May 2019
Expecting a de-escalation of trade rhetoric, sufficient to calm markets The second half of 2019 could be characterized by trend-like growth, easy policy, muted inflation and limited near-term risk of recession
Apr 2019
The US economy rocks a +3.2% growth rate in Q1 2019. Equity indices delivered strong positive returns.
Feb 2019
The speed and magnitude of the collapse and recovery in stocks since early December has been highly exceptional. What has changed and probably driven the recovery is the Fed’s shifting of its monetary policy to a mo...
Dec 2018
December is turning out to be the worst month for equities since the 2008 crisis. Our Highliths from US, Europe, Japan and Emerging Markets.
Oct 2018
Our Highlights from US, Europe, Japan and Emerging Markets, with our opinion on current markets and the summary of returns as of October 29th.
Oct 2018
The above chart showcases the dramatic rally in relative equity market returns which started around 1990 and continued to the highest relative return today in the US since the 1960s.
Sep 2018
In the US, the bull market that everyone loves to hate turned 3,453 days old on Wednesday, August 22nd — making it the longest in history, as it passed the previous record set between November 1990 and March 2000 (...
Aug 2018
La gente es racional, sabe que las cosas han mejorado, pero tiene dudas de cuánto lo harán en el futuro. La encuesta semanal de CADEM, ante la pregunta de lo que la gente piensa sobre si el momento actual de la ec...
Mar 2018
Financial markets kicked off 2018 with the same vigor that closed out 2017, rising strongly in January before running head first into the volatility that has recently injected some uncertainty into prospects for the...