Octogone Gestion SA and Fininvesta SA

Octogone Gestion SA and Fininvesta SA




Established in 1995 and still run by some of its founding partners, Octogone Gestion SA is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM), a self-regulated organization recognized by FINMA. 


With more than 30 employees in our Geneva offices, Octogone Gestion SA provides a team of professionals highly specialized in wealth management with complementary skills and recognized experience.


Swiss financial centers, notably Geneva and Zurich, are among the top financial centers in the world, and among the most competitive.







Fininvesta SA is a company active in asset management, wealth planning and financial consulting.


Founded in 2009 by Alexandre Torti, Fininvesta SA joined the Octogone Group in March 2020, and thus benefits from all group's services.





Among the new legal requirements arising from the LSFin, we have joined a mediation body. We would like to inform you that, in the event of any disagreement between us, you now have this new possibility to resort to mediation. You will find below the contact details of this mediation body:
FSO Ombud Finance Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 808 04 51

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Octogone Gestion SA and Fininvesta SA

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Investment Management Platform Partner


WEALTHARC’s innovative digital technology empowers to consolidate AuM, automate processes and meet new regulatory challenges. WEALTHARC delivers a state-of-the-art solution to Family Offices, Independent Financial Advisors and Private Banks.

Octogone Gestion SA is member of

the Ombud Finance Switzerland (OFS)


Ombud Finance Switzerland (OFS) is a Swiss Foundation dedicated to provide dispute resolution services upon request from clients of financial service providers or upon request from financial services providers. OFS is a public utility tax exempted legal entity subject to supervision by the Federal Supervision Authority in Bern.



Octogone Gestion SA is member of

AOOS (Société anonyme suisse de surveillance)


AOOS has been licensed as a supervisory body in the sense of the Financial Market Supervision Act (FINMASA). The Swiss Association of Asset Managers | SAAM, the national industry and trade association, is its sole shareholder.


Fininvesta SA is member of 

OSFIN (Organisation de surveillance financière)


The self-regulatory organisations OAD-FCT and SRO PolyReg have jointly established the supervisory organisation OSFIN. The creation of a new supervisory organisation at national level is part of the legislative work on the new Financial Institutions Act LEFin and the Financial Services Act LSFin.