Our proposal begins with a thorough analysis of your specific needs, setting objectives and constraints in terms of risk, volatility and liquidity requirements over a time period to be defined.


We work based on discretionary mandates (except Octogone Chile SA), as well as advisory mandates for those who wish to remain involved in the management of their assets.


For more than 25 years, we have been active in the equity and bond markets. We also invest through traditional, alternative and private equity funds, as well as direct investments.


Frequent meetings with you are an essential part of our relationship: they help us anticipate present and future needs.


We provide regular personalized reports with detailed performance analysis and consolidation services upon request.


Wealth management

Your interest first.


Your needs, performance and volatility expectations, as well as your risk profile will determine the structure of your portfolio.


Our goal is to preserve your capital while generating the best performance possible.


Our ambition is to identify and select the leading talents and products using our extensive network.


Free choice of custodian bank and jurisdiction.


Our size allows us to provide you with advantageous costs and fee structures.

Macro economic analysis
Fund & security selection
Long-term capital preservation & growth
Absolute return
Risk control
Our investment process

Our business model is flexible, based on the principle of independence and of a rigorous and dynamic investment process.

Defining your investment profile

Identifying your needs

Reference currency

Investment horizon

Liquidity needs

Risk tolerance

Volatility tolerance

Performance goals

Determining your investment strategy

Determine portfolio exposure to the various asset classes

Set minimum and maximum investment limits for each asset class

Define the level of service

Portfolio construction

TOP DOWN - assess macro exposure of the portfolio to market conditions

BOTTOM UP - Identify investment opportunities

Measure the level of risk


Investment execution

Position management: buying, selling and adjusting positions

Risk management

Continued evaluation


Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the portfolio

Ongoing monitoring and control procedures


Octogone Family Office

Since 1995, we have been advising wealthy families around the world who are concerned about preserving their inheritance and estate planning for future generations.


Our global vision allows us to work in synergy with the usual advisors, such as notaries, lawyers and accountants, in order to offer you the most appropriate solutions for your family.


In the context of globalization and the increasing complexity of fiscal and regulatory standards, our cooperation with these external advisors is fundamental to ensure the sustainability of the wealth strategies implemented.


Octogone Family Office Presentation


Personalized service
Sharing of knowledge and expertise